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Shedding Skin 2018 

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Play Something Edinburgh Fringe 2017

British Theatre Review


Two men meet in a club. It’s supposed to just be casual sex. But their paths keep crossing, keeping it casual for years, until feelings deepen. But how does a non-emotional man become emotional? To tell you their story they ask the DJ to play something. Something to make love to, to split up to, to celebrate, to cry, and to play the Forever Song.







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Bury Me in Colchester Mud September 2016.

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Swallow by Stef Smith, Summer 2016.

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The Theory of Nat and Mike 2016

"WELL if this is the swan song of young actor, director and writer Jazz Ely before she heads off to drama school, then it’s a pretty good one to go out on.For someone just starting out on her theatrical career this is a mightily impressive debut complete with searing drama, fantastic believable characters and plenty of twists and turns to keep the audience on its seats throughout.

The Theory of Nat and Mike is a rather odd title for a play although perfectly understandable when you actually see it because that’s what Jazz has done..."







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Play Something 2016

"THIS is the first in an almost double-bill of new writing by Colchester’s Stage Write Productions.

And if this weekend’s Theory of Nat and Mike by Jazz Ely is half as good as Paul T Davies Play Something, get your tickets now!

Perfectly occupying the Mercury’s new Studio space, Paul’s latest play is a lovingly poignant reflection on one couple’s relationship from their first meeting as young men to their split and then eventual reconciliation many years later...."








Jacko Lang Interview

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Living with Luke 2014-2016

"HAVING a ringside seat of a wrestling ring for a theatrical event centred upon living with a child with autism – “Living with Luke” – it not a typical Saturday evening – for me at least. However that’s where I found myself in the school hall of Passmores Academy, Harlow. I know very little about the autism spectrum – I had an excellent conversation with Sam Fancett who runs the charity Pact for Autism a few weeks back, I’ve read a bit on the subject and like most people I have my cultural reference points. I know a great deal more about theatre and when it comes to wrestling..."








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Audience Feedback


Shedding Skin 2012

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